Puget Sound Residence – Bainbridge Island, Washington


Residential waterfront lots are always at a premium. When sound views are combined with the unique characteristic of containing a monolithic block of local history, the opportunities for new inspired forms are great.

The site is on the south end of Bainbridge Island, Washington, in the Fort Ward Historical district. Situated on the lot, parallel to South Beach Road, are the remains of Gun Emplacement William Warner. The area was subdivided for residential use with covenants specifying that the emplacement should be preserved and any structures built on top of it should be of a removable nature.

The new residence is situated between the ephemeral Puget Sound waterfront and the solid mass of the derelict gun emplacement. Taking queues from each, enhancing the interaction with both, the house springs lightly from solid foundations, bridging the gap between the two while creating new spaces and its own unique form.

FtWardA06BAerial FtWardStreet




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